Fruit Tree FAQ's


How long will it take for my fruit tree to start producing fruit?

Every type of tree and variety is different.  Generally speaking a 7 gallon tree should start flowering around 2 years after being planted in the ground.  15 Gallon trees around 1 year after planting.  25 gallon trees have often already held fruit.  This being said, some 15 gallon (and even 7 gallon) trees have also flowered or held fruit. 


Why are fruit trees grafted?

Many fruit trees do not grow true to seed, and can take up to 10 years before they begin producing fruit.  Fruit trees are grafted to ensure the variety is maintained, and to encourage fruit production sooner.  Grafted trees usually begin to produce fruit within 2-3 years.


Are the trees you sell grafted?

The vast majority of our trees are grafted.  However some varieties of trees are air layered, or grown from seed.  These seedlings tend to be trees that fruit within 2-3 years.