Mangifera indica


Wide ranging in flavors and size depending on the variety.

Zones 9-11

Season May-Sept. depending on variety.

Light requirement Full sun

Drought Tolerance - strong

Cold Tolerance 25-32 degrees

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Persea americana


Ranging in size and shape, often mild, creamy, and slightly nutty flavor.

Zones 8-11 
Season May-Feb. according to variety
Light requirement Full sun, partial sun or partial shade
Drought tolerance Moderate
Cold tolerance 16-28 ºF (8.9-2.2 ºC) for mature trees depending on variety

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Annona Squamosa, Annona Cherimola

Sugar Apple

Around the size of a soft ball, often compared to custard with a mild creamy taste.

Zones 10-12
Season From Aug. to Oct
Light requirement Full sun
Drought tolerance: not well understood 
Cold tolerance 26-27


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