Avocado (Persea Americana)

Avocados have been grown in Florida for well over 100 years.  There are many varieties ranging in fruit size, shape, and taste.  There are two types of Avocado trees; type A and type B.  Type B avocados are self pollinating and will also pollinate a type A variety.  Type A avocados need a type B to produce heavily and consistently.  The trees need to be within a reasonable proximity of each other.  If only one avocado tree is desired, be sure it is a Type B variety.  Below is a list of the more common Avocado varieties and the flower type.  


Type B Varieties

  • Brogdon
  • Super Hass (Uh La La)
  • Bacon
  • Monroe
  • Wurtz
  • Joey

Type A Varieties

  • Donnie
  • Mexicola Grande
  • Fantastic
  • Choquette