Jaboticaba (Plinia cauliflora)

Jaboticaba is a rare fruit tree from Brazil.  The name roughly translates to "place where the turtles are."  They have a very unique sweet taste and consistency, best described as a grape mixed with a lychee.  The trees are shrub-ish, and grow best in containers in Central Florida.  Because they do not get excessively big they can be grown on a patio or in a small yard.  They like a lot of water and can be grown in full sun or partial shade.

There are a few common varieties of Jaboticaba in Florida.  Sabre (Black) is the most common and have been grown in Florida for over 100 years.  The fruit range in size but are generally a little bigger than a quarter and contain 1-3 seeds.

The Red Hybrid is a newer variety, that often fruits much faster than the Sabre.  This variety can fruit from seed in as little as 3 years.  The fruit is often larger than the Sabre.

The Yellow Jaboticaba is a smaller size fruit than Sabre and Red and has a "furry" skin.  The flavor is slightly sour compared to the others. This variety generally fruits in around 3 years.

There are other more rare varieties including Grimal and ESALQ.