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Sabre Jaboticaba (Black)

Sabre Jaboticaba (Black)

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*No shipping available to CA, HI, LA, AK, AZ*


Jaboticaba Fruit trees grown from seed, 1-2 years old. Also known as brazilian grape. Rare fruit trees that can be grown and fruit in a pot. Great trees for container culture (patio growing), garden or food forest addition.

*Fruit pictured is example of a mature fruiting tree


Varieties available (see other listings)

SABRE - most common variety in USA. Trees can grow 10+ ft tall but are often trimmed to bush size (5-8ft). Large fruit, heavy producers often giving 2-4 crops a year. Time to fruit 7+ years


RED - hybrid cross, Dwarf variety. Begins fruiting around 3-4 years old and often produces 3-4 crops a year.


Approximately 12 inches tall in pot. Trees are shipped early in the week to reduce unnecessary transit time. Trees may be trimmed to fit in shipping box. 

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